• Early reactions have been great to the new Barney McClure CD "Show Me " on OA2 records which I arranged and co-produced last summer. The Cd also features the Central Washington University jazz band under the direction of Chris Brua who played some challenging music quite well. If you liked the old Jimmy Smith /Gerald Wilson albums, this will be right up your alley. Great straight ahead mainstream jazz.

    Show Me:

    Think Again:

  • My print publisher Danney Behar has retired and transferred all my print music on Walrus Music to EJAZZLINES.COM . You can now find all my big band material on this site.

  • In April, The CD I arranged and co-produced with jazz organist BARNEY MCCLURE and the Univerity of Central Washington jazz band will be released on Origin Records. This was a fun project to work on, and the UCW kids (under the direction of Chris Bruya) really played well with a lot of heart.

  • It's taken a while, but the new CD by Chicago singer /guitarist Frank D'Rone and my northwest band titled "double exposure" was released on March 1 on Whaling City Sound (a Boston area jazz label) this is the first recording with a big band Frank has done since his 1958 debut with Billy May (After the Ball - Mercury).

    Frank is a marvelous vocal talent and guitarist and is definitely a "singers singer" that is widely respected throughout the vocal community. I first worked with him in 1961 on his Mercury recording "Live at the Hungry I" so here we both are ... fifty years later ... finally getting to do the project we've both been dreaming of all these years, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it.

    The band (the same one that recorded "Convergence Zone" and "Ballet of the Bouncing Beagles") really roared on all of the charts and Frank (being a musician as well as a singer) gave the guys a lot of space to shine. The six band cuts are complemented by six solo ballads with Frank providing his own accompaniment on guitar. It all adds up to one of the best vocal CDs of the year.

    You can sample a couple clips of the CD below ... I'm sure you'll like what you hear! If you want to purchase the CD, here are a couple links where it's available:

    Music Samples:

    • When the Sun Comes Out
    • Pure Imagination
    • The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else
    • Speak Low

    I guarantee both big band and vocal jazz fans are in for a treat!!

  • Hi All :

    One of my first employers on the road as a drummer /arranger was Chicago singer - guitarist Frank D'Rone who is one of the finest male singers in the GAS tradition along with peers like Jack Jones, Nat Cole, Tony Bennett, (and of course that Francis Albert guy... whatshisname...) :) MY first gig with Frank was a live recording at the Hungry I in SFO for Mercury Records... in 1961 (yikes!)

    Now, 49 years later, we have just wrapped a brand new recording with my Origin Records band (The Northwest Prevailing Winds) plus a group of incredible solo vocal /guitar ballads by Frank. (The ol' Windpassers were also loaded for bear as well when we recorded the band tracks last week @ Bear Creek Studio in Woodinville - I think other than the one wall they blew out the building is still standing :) ) When it's mastered, this will be one helluva CD -(sez me bashfully)

    Finally: Prior to returning to his home base in Chicago, Frank will be doing a LIVE concert on Tuesday 9/28 @ 7:30 PM in Everett at the "Historic Everett Theatre" on 2911 Colby Avenue: (in Everett) with a trio of Bob Hammer, Larry Holloway and drummer Ray Price (obviously not the country singer).

    This is Franks first LIVE appearance in the Pacific NW in many many years (and hopefully won't be his last) so for a wonderful evening of great songs by one of the great singers of our time, you in the Seattle area might make the trip to Everett.

    Also tell your friends ....

  • I finally learned that Primo Kim's new CD "Make it Right" has been released as of last month. My contribution was three orchestral backgrounds that I feel came off quite well and can be checked out below. The whole CD is excellent and if you're a vocal jazz / Mel Torme fan possibly a "run and buy" item. In addition to Primo's very musical vocal stylings, the CD features some of Seattle's finest jazz talent; pianist Randy Halberstadt, Bassist Jeff Johnson, drummer Gary Hobbs, Trumpet/Flugelhornist Jay Thomas and saxist Bill Ramsay.

    Music Samples:

    • Love Dance
    • Here's To Life
    • You've Changed.

    Primo is still in negotiations with a label, but if you're moved to acquire the CD, contact Primo.

    Also, this coming September, I'm arranging and producing a new project with Chicago Vocalist/guitarist Frank D'Rone which promises also to be an exciting venture. More on this to come as things develop.

  • Well, I finally managed to corral the Northwest band into Bear Creek Studio in Woodinville WA on the weekend of May 31 to record my third CD (probably titled "Ballet of the Bouncing Beagles" -from a tune I wrote inspired by the nightly romping session that goes on following their dinners). In addition to our usual permanent guest Pete Christlieb, this time we had the pleasure of having former Thad Jones /Mel Lews lead alto player , Jerry Dodgion join the group. Although the sessions were grueling, the band was really on fire and the results will be quite something. I'm editing and mixing the CD the end of July and Origin will probably release it in October or November.

    Band Overhead (photo: Daniel Sheehan)

    Phil Kelly (photo: Daniel Sheehan)

    Gary Hobbs in the drum room (photo: Daniel Sheehan)

    Control room with engineer Tom Hall (photo: Daniel Sheehan)

    Saxes: Christlieb, Travis Ranney, Jerry Dodgion, Jim Coile, Bill Ramsay (photo: Daniel Sheehan)

    For those of you interested, heres a link to the session shots taken by a great jazz photojournaloist, Daniel Sheehan: http://www.danielsheehan.com/kelly-bb/

  • I've FINALLY managed to get the whole NW Prevailing Winds together for recording a new ( third ) CD at the end of this coming May. It's essentially the exact same band I used on the first CD (Convergence Zone -2004) with both Pete Christlieb and Andy Martin on board again. I've managed to amass a whole bunch of new material and I'm really looking forward to finally getting this puppy out of the chute!

    More later as we get closer...

  • Our own graypencil (aka Phil Kelly) has earned a much-deserved spot among the Top 50 jazz albums for 2007 in Jazz Times magazine for his remarkable 2nd album, My Museum. CLICK HERE.

  • Also, a link to a September, 2007 review in Jazz Times which is, not surprisingly, glowing.CLICK HERE.

  • WWUF 91.3FM check out Phil's interview with Mark Channon on WWUH in Hartford CT (University of Hartford) CLICK HERE.

  • In October 2007, the new CD by the LA companion Band, the Southwest Santa Ana Winds, "My Museum" was released on Origin Records, and features the following tunes:

      Jeannine ( the old Duke Pearson /Cannonball tune )
      Bluelonius ( my sloooooow blues tribute to guess who )
      Day Dream ( Ellington-Strayhorn )
      Pleading Dim Cap
      Zip Code 2005 (a reworking of my old "Zip City " from the '73 Bill Watrous MWR album ..)
      Body and Soul (a solo tour de force for baritonist Bill Ramsay )
      Lazy Afternoon (a feature for the GREAT pianist, Bill Cunliffe )
      *Just Juan Beatov Stomp (a slightly tongue in cheek latin /funk piece in 7/8 time ..hence the title ) :)
      **My Museum (featuring a beautiful reading by my favorite NW vocalist, Greta Matassa )


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